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Stainless Steel Ready-cut Shims for Machineries

Stainless Steel Ready-cut Shims for Machineries

Stainless Steel Ready-cut Shims can protect all your equipment from misalignment, downtime and damage. We at Pearl Overseas can provide the Ready-cut Shims and shim kits in the range of many standard and custom sizes and are cut exactly to the marked thickness. Stainless Steel Ready-cut Shims are tapered components that can be used to raise or lower your machinery to ensure proper shaft alignment.

Features / Advantages of Stainless Steel Ready-cut Shims:

  • Made of high-quality material and makes alignment easier.
  • Manufactured using die-punch process and laser cutting.
  • Etched with respective thickness for quick identification.
  • Eliminate time consuming hand-cutting.
  • Safe removal with supplied shim extractor
  • Safety tab prevents accidents and speeds installation
  • For accurate vertical machinery alignment
  • Perfectly flat, Free from burr & dents.
  • Avoids blockade/Stock of rolls & sheets.
  • Ready-cut Shims are available in five different dimensions and in ten different thicknesses, in pack sizes of 10 pieces.

Stainless Steel Ready-cut Shims applications

  • To insert for gap width measurement.
  • To support/bear works.
  • For other works as appropriate.
  • To cut into shapes for supporting wear failures.
  • To bear a foundation for aligning power axle levels.

Stainless Steel Ready-cut Shims finds applications for shaft alignment of rotating equipment such as motors, pumps, turbines, compressors, fans, blowers, gear boxes die stampers, punch presses, and journal boxes in chemical plants, paper mills, steel mills, refineries, power plants, and HVAC facilities and many more. We offer Stainless Steel Ready-cut Shims in different thicknesses and dimensions, standards, finishes, types, and specifications, etc.

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