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Features and Applications of Washers

Features and Applications of Washers

Washers are flat disks on stainless steel with a hole punched through the middle, importantly used to distribute the load over a greater area and protect surfaces and used as a spacer during the installation of screws and bolts. The hole in the middle of a washer allows for a bolt or screw to pass through.

Applications of Washers:

Washers Load Distribution Features: Washers have the chief function of distributing the load and to protect against stress damage when the threaded fasteners are driven into the surface.

Washers as Spacers: Washers are used as spacing parts and are used with fasteners as padding while driving it into material to ensure fasteners don’t go excessively deep.

Washers Leakage proof and waterproof functioning: Washers are used in piping systems as they offer waterproof and tight seals and are used in seawater applications, chemical equipment, oil and gas processing, and many more.

Washers Absorb Vibration: Washers are mainly designed to absorb the vibration as when a threaded fastener is connected with objects, they produce violent vibration and if washers are used can damage components permanently.

Pearl Overseas offers different types of Washers like Stainless Steel Washers, Duplex Washers, Super Duplex Washers, Copper Nickel Washers, Brass Washers, Aluminium Washers, Lead Washers, Taper Washers, Serrated Washers, Alloy Steel Washers, Monel Washer, Inconel Washers, Hastelloy Washers, Titanium Washers, Duplex Steel Washers, and Mild Steel Washers.

We offer Washers in different dimensions and specifications, etc. Washers are tested both chemically and mechanically as per the standard specifications. Washers are manufactured in accordance with international quality standards.

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